Causes of rectal prolapse


Rectal prolapse – a condition in which the observed stepping out of all the layers of the rectum through the anus. When an internal "loss" (the so-called prolapse) rectal intussusception of the rectum is noted without going outside.

Prolapse of the rectum is accompanied by chronic compression of the vascular submucosal layer of the anal ring. As a result, rectal mucosa more suffering while all the others.

When rectal prolapse anal ring is compressed, resulting in marked swelling of her, she became cyanotic. If such a compression of the vessels lasts long enough, it may cause necrosis and its site, and therefore most exposed to changes in the mucous membrane of the drop-down area.

The form of the precipitated rectum may be in the form of a cone, cylinder or sphere, depending on the muscle tone.

If the intestine precipitated in time to the development of necrosis, right back to his seat, blood flow is restored in it. Once the site vpravlen fallen into place, its appearance becomes normal again.

At home TN rectal prolapse (intussusception), there is the formation of ulcers.

Causes of rectal prolapse

Causes of rectal prolapse much. The most common of these causes in a particular case is not one, but several. But mostly there is always some kind of a causal factor that prevails. Knowing the cause of this disease is important to select the correct treatment strategy.

Among the factors that can cause rectal prolapse, some are direct and some indirect, which only predispose to the development of pathological process.

Among the predisposing factors of rectal prolapse include: family history, structural features of the rectum in a patient, degenerative-dystrophic changes in the muscle sphincter apparatus of the rectum and in its wall.

For immediate causes rectal prolapse include: acute and chronic diseases of the digestive tract, severe physical stress, exhaustion, abdominal trauma, obstructed labor, and others rarely cause rectal prolapse may be anal, pelvic surgery, etc.

Among the main reasons that contribute to rectal prolapse is a feature of an organism, which determines its "readiness" for prolapse. These reasons include: congenital weakness of the ligaments of the rectum, the deep pocket of the pelvic peritoneum, dolichosigmoid (giant sigmoid colon), and excessive mobility of the sigmoid colon and rectum.

Among the factors that contribute to loss of the rectum, can be called a violation of the intestine (especially constipation), female sex, neurological disorders.

Prolapse of the rectum may occur in one of two types:

  • the type of sliding hernia
  • the type of intussusception

In the first case, the result of continuous increase in pressure in the abdomen and pelvic muscle weakness is the so-called bias Douglas pockets (holes between the rectum the prostate (in men) or uterus (in women) down. involved in this shift, and the front wall of the rectum.

This shift results in Douglas pocket down to the fact that the muscle-levator (lifting the rectum) diverge, especially at higher intra-abdominal pressure. With the gradual displacement of the rectum down comes a moment when she falls out of the anus outside.

Gradually, a prolapse is not only the front wall of intestine, but also its entire circumference. Furthermore, the deepening of Douglas pocket it gets more and more loops of the small intestine, which also contributes to loss of the rectum. Over time zone displacement of the rectal wall increases and becomes circular. The unfavorable circumstances is getting an increasing number of loops of small intestine in the move down Douglas pocket (enterocele).

When invaginated type of rectal prolapse is noted in the introduction of its direct or sigmoid colon.


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