Excitable (impulsive) Personality

Excitable (impulsive) Personality

Excitable (impulsive) personality

Excitable personality – Elite Treatment in Europe

Psychoneurology -2005

The impulsive personality type is peculiar to active but not capable of purposeful activity of people long. Among them are common people with disinhibition of instincts, are prone to perversion and sexual excesses.

With favorable conditions in the dynamics of the positive impact of the environment, these psychiatric manifestations can be stabilized and partially compensated.

If there is a growing disadvantage for psychopathic features, leading to a disorderly life, and inability to contain desire.

In the most severe cases to the fore acts of aggression, violence, committed during the affective outbursts (often in response to the condemnation or disapproval from others) and often lead to conflict with the law.

Excitable personalities characterized by:

  • impulsivity with a pronounced tendency to act without regard for the consequences
  • lack of autonomy in making important decisions
  • deficit control
  • instability of interpersonal relationships with a tendency to fall into dependence on strangers.

Reaction to even the most minor trauma differ abrupt changes in mood from deep depression to a significant rise. The extreme volatility and instability of mood in these individuals is accompanied by a manifestation of the episodic dysphoria, as well as "behavioral explosions" from the restricted affective consciousness and psychomotor agitation.
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