Pedantic Personality

Pedantic Personality

Pedantic personality

Pedantic personality – Elite Treatment in Europe

Psychoneurology -2005

Pedantic person, or obsessive-anankastnye kompulsinye personality-often called "living machines." They are distinguished by a love of cleanliness and order, strict implementation of rules and regulations.

Pedantry is manifested in petty concerns of accuracy and fine detail. Adherence to established canons, conservatism, rigidity in all spheres of life, but especially in matters of ethics and morality.

Anancast tend to follow the general accepted standards. They are well oriented in the practical side of life, and clearly prefer to work idle leisure: the "free time" to be uncomfortable, considering it a waste of time. Believing themselves to be reliable in the work they are not willing to share responsibility and rely only on themselves. Failure to oust doubt complicates and slows down the implementation of the action. In an effort to resolve the doubt, these people find unusual "zanudlivost."

Relationships with people regardless of the situation always cast a "business" need never be determined by direct spiritual movements. In everyday life, they tend to avoid violations of the usual stereotype, attach importance to all kinds of signs, do to prevent and protective rituals. One of the clearest manifestations of personality disorders anankastnogo – frugality – in a situation of instability may lose their validity and to acquire the features of pathological avarice.

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