Hypogonadism (II)

Hypogonadism (II)


What is hypogonadism?

Andrology -2006

Hypogonadism (male) – a pathological condition caused by insufficient secretion of androgens.
The etiology of hypogonadism – congenital hypoplasia of the gonads, toxic, infectious, their radiation damage, dysfunction of the hypothalamic-pituitary system.
The pathogenesis of hypogonadism – reduced secretion of hormones by the testes. In primary hypogonadism is affected directly tastikulyarnaya tissue in the secondary – hypofunction of sexual glands is caused by lesions of the hypothalamic-pituitary system with a reduction in pituitary gonadotrophic function.
The symptoms and course of hypogonadism. Clinical manifestations of hypogonadism depends on the age at which the disease originated, and the degree of androgen deficiency. There are dopubertatnogo and postpubertal forms of hypogonadism. With the defeat of the testicles before puberty develop typical eunuchoid syndrome, marked by a high disproportionate growth retardation of ossification of the epiphyseal growth zones, the lengthening of the limbs, hypoplasia of the chest and shoulder girdle. Skeletal muscle is poorly developed, subcutaneous fat is distributed on the female type. Often the true gynecomastia. Skin pale. Poor development of secondary Popov criteria:

  • lack of body hair on the face and body (pubic – the female type)
  • hypoplasia of the larynx
  • high-pitched voice

Reproductive organs are underdeveloped:

  • small size of the penis
  • scrotum is formed, but depigmented, without folding
  • testes gipoplazirovany
  • the prostate gland is underdeveloped, often not detected by palpation

In secondary hypogonadism, except for symptoms of androgen deficiency, obesity is often observed, are common symptoms of hypofunction of other endocrine glands – the thyroid, adrenal cortex (the result of loss of pituitary tropic hormones). There may be a symptom panhypopituitarism. Libido and potency available.
If the loss of testicular function occurred after puberty, when sexual development and the formation of kostnomyshechnoy system is completed, symptoms are less pronounced. Characterized by reduced testes, decreased facial and body hair distribution, skin thinning and loss of elasticity, the development of obesity in female type, sexual dysfunction, infertility, vegetative-vascular disorders.
In the diagnosis of hypogonadism using X-ray data and laboratory studies. When hypogonadism that developed before puberty, are lagging behind, "bone" age of the passport for several years. The content of testosterone in the blood below normal. In primary hypogonadism – raising the level of gonadotropins in the blood in the secondary – its decline, in some cases, their content may be within normal limits. Urinary excretion of 17-KS may be within the normal range or below it. In the analysis of ejaculate – azoo-or oligospermia, and in some cases, the ejaculate can not be obtained.
The prognosis is favorable. The disease is chronic, the treatment process can reduce the symptoms of androgen deficiency.

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