Implantology Center Simpladent

Implantology Center Simpladent

Implantology Center SIMPLADENT

The latest techniques in the field of medical, aesthetic, surgical and prosthetic dentistry

DENT – 2010

Center for Implantology Simpladent – high quality and reasonable prices!
Center for Implantology Dmitrov – is a specialized Russian-Swiss Dental Center, based at the offices of Swiss implant company Ihde Dental AG in Russia.

Clinic Simpladent to Dmitrov – is:

  • Painless treatment

Unfortunately, the majority of Russian patients had negative experiences with dentists, who left the alarm, and sometimes panic visit to a specialist. This aggravates the general condition of the patient, because the visit to the doctor is delayed as long as possible, before the sharp pain will not go to sleep, you will be swelling and fever. In this condition, the patient will be extremely anxious and emotionally relate to all manipulations carried out with him, but, tragically, the only option left by removal of (often complicated), the causative tooth, resulting in postponement of subconscious negative associations with the visit to the doctor.

Our doctors and administrative staff will help you forget about the fears and create a comfortable atmosphere treatment. Treatment is carried out using anesthesia, if available in the past, allergic reactions, samples will be conducted on the selection of the most appropriate medication for you.

  • High quality

All full-time specialists in implantology center Dmitrov – is the highest category of physicians, held repeated studies in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Russia on clinical bases of Ihde Dental AG, and Denti System. Several times a year in MTSDI performed complex operations under the leadership of the Western world-renowned experts such as Stephen Ide, Werner Mander, Adam Szoke, Temistoklis Papadopulus etc.

In our work we try to use only proven modern materials to ensure durability and reliability of treatment, while not bringing up the cost of treatment prohibitive.
This applies to the therapeutic administration – use of endonakonechnikov processing channels with subsequent sealing of gutta-percha, and orthopedics – removable dentures with highly aesthetic clasp locking hinge, made of cobalt-chromium alloys or alloys of precious metal crowns based on imlpantaty produced on titanium alloys or using CAD / CAM milling systems based on zirconium oxide, and implantation – are used as classic techniques of implantation of the teeth, and a unique technique of 4-D implants (BOI implantation), which is used in bone tissue atrophy, as in the single defect, and at complete absence of teeth.
In the dental center Simpladent latest sterilization equipment is used to guarantee the safety of the infection.
The clinic has its own dental laboratory, equipped with modern equipment. Dental technicians have years of experience in performing the most complex orthopedic work, both functional and aesthetic point of view.
After the treatment, always provides recommendations for the correction of health and oral care.

  • Price "turnkey"

In dentistry at the Dmitrov is no such thing as a "inside and out," all prices are fixed, are "turnkey" for all manipulations. The clinic is a flexible system of discounts.

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