Implants Combined Form

Implants Combined Form

Implants combined form

DENT – 2006

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By the combined implants include:

  • disc, transmandibulyarnye (perosseous)
  • ramus-frame
  • implants, intraosseous portion of which may combine several forms.

The implant ramus-frame (literally "branch-frame") belong to the category of intraosseous implants, although they look different from the implants in this category. He has an extensive form of the plate and introduced surgically into the jawbone in three places: in the anterior and in the left and right jaw (approximate area of the wisdom teeth).

This implant is used in extremely atrophied mandible, where bone height is insufficient for implant placement rhizoid forms and can serve as a support for both removable and fixed prostheses. Thus, the implant ramus-frame replaces missing bone mass, and since the installation of other designs made on it, there is no need to make long-term growth stimulation of the missing bone.

Requirements for bone:

  • The vertical height of more than 6 mm of bone
  • The thickness of the bone (bucco-lingual) for more than 3 mm.

Perosseous (transmandibulyarnye) implants – a collapsible design implant. It consists of arched braces, which is installed on the lower edge of the body of the lower jaw extraoral surgery. Two pins are introducing the implant into the bone, passing through it. Speaking at the mouth, they serve to secure the dentures.

Requirements for bone:

  • The vertical height of bone for more than 6 mm.
  • The thickness of the bone (bucco-lingual) for more than 5 mm.

Disc implants If for some reason the installation of screw implant is not possible, then there is a unique technique of "straight staging disk implant." With this technique, the height of the alveolar process does not matter, because the implant has a different shape.

These implants should be used in cases where the patient is not satisfied with terms of prosthetics. In the absence of teeth in the classical technique of implantation of prosthesis will require 4 – 6 surgeries for 1.5 years. Disc implants also allow them to put on prostheses of any complexity within 3 – 5 days after surgery.

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