Laminar Implants

Laminar Implants

Laminar implants

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Requirements for the laminar surface and cylindrical implants are the same. Due to the smooth surface of the intraosseous portion of the implant has the smallest surface area. Therefore, the implants must be developed geometrically, textured surface or a bioactive coating.

Laminar implants can be and dismountable and should have a textured surface and (or) macro-relief in the form of "snake" or the corrugated plate and the holes for the germination of the bone tissue.

Laminar implants are typically used when the bone is so narrow that it is not possible to use implants rhizoid form. Laminar implant is long and flat, allowing it to fit into a narrow jawbone.

Requirements for bone:

  • The vertical height of bone for more than 8 mm.
  • The thickness of the bone (bucco-lingual) for more than 3 mm.
  • The width of the bone (medial-distal) over 10mm (except in the case of single-tooth design requires less).

It is believed that the use of achieve osseointegration of implants can not be laminar. If there is sufficient bone is traditionally given preference to cylindrical and helical two-stage designs have a greater chance of success.

However, in many clinical situations, laminar implants are the only type of implants that can be applied to the prediction of long-term functioning. The expansion of indications and more efficient use of laminar implant promotes the development of prefabricated structures.

Features three-dimensional computer simulations allow us to investigate the mechanisms of load transfer through the implant to the surrounding bone tissue and to compare the effect of various design decisions laminar implants in the level and nature of the stress distribution in bone tissue, depending on the type of architectonics (support structures).

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