Damage To The Ligaments of The Lower Tibiofibular Joint

Damage To The Ligaments of The Lower Tibiofibular Joint

Damage to the ligaments of the lower tibiofibular joint


Basis of human shin bone is composed of two bones: the tibia and fibula. At the bottom of the leg are connected by two ligaments – the anterior tibiofibular ligament and posterior tibiofibular ligament. These bundles reduce the mobility of the leg bones and stabilize the ankle.

Damage to the tibiofibular ligaments of the foot occurs when tucking inside when the shin at this time expanded outward. Often tibiofibular ligament injury ankle fracture is accompanied, rarely occurs alone. Patients complain of pain in his lower leg during walking, the movements in the ankle joint. Pain aggravated by compression of the ankles or lower leg compression. When rengenografii special methods reveal the expansion of the gap between the tibia and fibula bones in the lower parts compared with the healthy side.

Treatment of tibiofibular ligament damage joints. With a partial rupture of ligaments for pain in the area of the gap is administered local anesthetics (procaine, lidocaine), if the pain is resumed, the introduction is repeated a few days. Appointed by the physiotherapy treatment (application of paraffin and ozokerite, and other heat treatments), massage.

When complete breaks ankle ligaments compress to reduce the gap between the bones and put a plaster cast from the toes to above the knee. If by conservative you can not get a good result is assigned to surgical treatment. Cut the skin above the ankle. Drilled through holes in the fibula and tibia bones, resulting in the channel injected screw and tightening the nut thus bringing together the fibula and tibia. Then in 5-6 weeks impose Sapozhok plaster.

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