Dislocation of The Hip

Dislocation of The Hip

Dislocation of the hip


Dislocation of the hip is about 5% of all dislocations. To ensure that there was a dislocation of the hip must be large enough force action. Dislocation of the hip are the front and rear.

Anterior dislocation of the hip is less common. It occurs when the indirect effects of traumatic forces: the fall from a height on the assigned and rotated outward leg. At the same time the head of the femur and torn joint capsule is shifted downward. If the head of the femur at the level of the obturator opening of the pelvis, called the obturator dislocation. When the displacement of the femoral head to the horizontal branch of the pubic bone, speak of lonnom or anterolateral dislocation of the upper.

Posterior dislocation of the hip injury more often. For a dislocation of the hip in a posterior direction cause a sharp bend or rotate the hip inward. In this case, the femoral head out of the acetabulum and breaks the back of the capsule of the hip. Posterior dislocations depending on the position of the head are sprained iliac and ischial.

The patient complains of pain in the hip joint. Position the injured leg depends on the type of dislocation. When the patient's back leg bent dislocations, knee turned inward. When the iliac posterior dislocations bend his legs less pronounced in the sciatic – more.

Anterior hip dislocations are characterized by the position of the patient's leg, which turned out the knee, the leg is bent at the knee and hip joints. Movement injured leg is impossible. If you try to forcibly turn the leg, there is springing resistance. Refine the diagnosis of X-ray examination. Dislocation of the hip can be combined with fractures of the acetabulum. As a first aid should be given pain medication and deliver in a hospital on a stretcher.

Treatment of hip dislocation. To reposition hip dislocation requires general anesthesia, as the hip joint is located in a large array of muscles and good relaxation can be achieved only with full anesthesia. There are several ways to reposition the hip dislocation. Methods are used primarily Janelidze-Collin, Kocher-Kefera, Depre-Bigelow. After reduction of dislocation foot is placed on a special bus with skeletal traction for 3-4 weeks. Apply physical therapy and physical therapy. Very often, after reduction dislocation of the hip in a patient developed degenerative changes in joints – coxarthrosis.

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