Fracture of The Talus

Fracture of The Talus

Fracture of the talus


Astragalus is located between the tibia and calcaneus. It may break if dropped from a height of feet. At the same ankle bone, as it were compressed between the tibia and calcaneus. The same mechanism of injury, but a fall on the heel, resulting in a fracture of the neck of the talus, which happens more often.

Occasionally, when falling on the foot in plantar flexion ("on tiptoe") there is a fracture of posterior process of the talus. You may experience a fracture neck of the talus with dislocation of her body, or dislocation of the body and the head of the talus. This combination is considered to be unfavorable for further treatment.

Fractures of the talus are rare and constitute about 1% of all fractures of the limbs. However, fractures of the talus are considered severe. The severity of the fracture is determined by lack of blood supply to the bone as a result of a fracture as the bone tissue is powered by blood vessels surrounding the talus of the soft tissues.
At the turn of the talus there is a high risk of necrosis, which leads to a dysfunction of the ankle. Patients complain of pain in the fracture. There is considerable swelling of surrounding tissue. The contours of the ankle joint are smoothed. If there is displacement of fragments is observed deformation of the foot. The nature of the fracture and the degree of displacement of bone fragments refine the X-ray examination. Sometimes there are difficulties with the diagnosis of a fracture if the patient has an anomaly of development – extra triangular bone. In this case, helping the side ankle radiographs.

Treatment of fractures of the talus. Performed anesthesia the fracture. In the absence of displacement or dislocation, the leg cast is applied from the toes to the upper third of the leg – the so-called "plaster Sapozhok." Foot attached to a specific position, depending on the type of fracture.

The term immobilization of 4 to 8 weeks. If there was a fragmented fracture, immobilizing plaster cast time increased to 12 weeks. The patient can move around with crutches, but the attack on the damaged leg is prohibited as the load on uncoossified change may worsen the already impoverished blood supply to the bone.

Then the plaster cast removed and physical therapy and prescribed physical therapy. Physical stress on the foot allow a gradual increase.

Sometimes assigned to orthopedic shoes. If there is displacement of fragments is carried out by comparing them closed, with the help of special techniques. If successful, the comparison is applied after the plaster cast. If we compare the fragments could not, or that they got a second shift, surgical treatment. Operational same way often have to spend, and reduction of dislocation of the talus. For internal fixation using needles or cortical screws.

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