Osteochondropathy Vertebral Bodies

Osteochondropathy Vertebral Bodies

Osteochondropathy vertebral bodies


Calve's disease.

Calve's disease – chondropathy vertebral body. Most often the disease are the lower thoracic and upper lumbar vertebrae. Sick boys from 7 to 14 years. The patient having pain in the affected vertebra or in the thoracic and lumbar spine. On examination, can be found protruding spinous process patient's vertebra. When probing the neural spine pain is getting worse. On radiographs show a sharp decrease in the height of the vertebra and its extension.

Conservative treatment of disease Calvet. Assigned to rest in a special installation on the bed to reduce the load on the vertebrae. Applied physiotherapy, which consists of a set of exercises to strengthen back muscles to generate muscular system. After that the patient has for several years to wear a special corset. Surgical treatment is given with no effect on conservative therapy and progressive spinal deformity.

Kmmel's disease.

Kmmel disease or illness Kmmel-Verneuil is a traumatic aseptic (-bacterial) inflammation of the vertebral body (spondillit). The cause of this disorder is trauma vertebra, which leads to areas of necrosis in the vertebral body. The patient develops pain in the injured vertebra, which takes place after 10-14 days. After that comes a period of false prosperity, lasting sometimes up to several years. Then again, pain in the injured vertebra. The patient can not remember the previously undergone trauma. Pain first appear in the spine, then turn over to the intercostal space. In X-ray examination reveal wedge vertebra.

Treatment consists of unloading the spine. To do this, bed rest is prescribed for 1 month. Bedding should be tight. Under the thoracic enclose roller. Then assigned to physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise.

Disease Sheyermana Mau.

Disease Sheyermana Mau, Schmorl's disease, hondropatichesky kyphosis, juvenile kyphosis, vertebral apophyses (inflammation of the muscle attachment sites to the vertebra) or apophysis chondropathy thoracic vertebrae – these are different names for the same disease. When the disease affects only 7-10 more thoracic vertebrae. The disease occurs in males between 11 and 18 years. The patient complains of back pain, fatigue of back muscles during normal exercise. On examination, exhibit increased thoracic kyphosis (curvature of the spine in the thoracic convexity posteriorly). On X-rays show changes in shape of vertebrae. Normal vertebrae in the thoracic region appear in the form of bricks, with smooth edges. When illness Sheyermana Mau vertebrae in the lower thoracic department become wedge-shaped.

Treatment involves the appointment of physiotherapy, massage, underwater stretching, swimming. From time to time with the express violation of applicable posture surgery.

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