2 Different Projects for Breast Cancer

Today, October 19, is the International Breast Cancer Day . In recent years, awareness has increased a lot, and October has become the pink month, in which people talk about prevention, self-examination, and support for those affected. The tie and the pink handkerchief as a symbol of the struggle. We are totally in favor of prevention, but precisely because this is already well-known information, today we want to show something different: two projects that help women who have undergone a mastectomy in their well-being and quality of life. Two ideas that want to empower these women from different points of view.

In Bwom we defend that women must have all the information to be able to decide on our health, and that is why we want to help these projects by disseminating information and collaborating. For each plan of pelvic floor exercises that you buy in Bwom, we will donate 50% of the income to the Association of Integrative Oncology to help them in their goal of spreading alternative therapies that improve the quality of life of patients.

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Normally, when a mastectomy is performed , the breast is reconstructed without areola. What many women do not know is that there is a practice that helps complete the reconstruction: the mircopigmentation of the areola . It is a “tattoo” that draws the nipple. This practice is not covered by the public health health system or by health insurers. In fact, it is very little known and doctors do not usually report this possibility.

Did you know this technique? We do not. It has come through the Association of Integrative Oncology , an entity whose main objective is to disseminate and integrate complementary therapies and other medicines with a scientific basis that improve the quality of life of cancer patients. That is, their therapies are not an alternative but a complement.

This month, in line with its goal of improving women’s well-being, they have launched the “Complete the circle” campaign to facilitate micropigmentation for women who have undergone a mastectomy and disseminate this technique so that it is known as an option. The ultimate goal is to help women who have undergone a mastectomy and have decided to rebuild their breasts to regain confidence in their body and self-esteem.

Reconstruction is only one option. We do not promote it, but for those women who decide to do it, this last step can mean a great step in the recovery of their femininity and security in the body, the closing of a stage. We share with the Association of Preventive Oncology the idea of ​​prevention and care for physical and emotional well-being through non-invasive therapies, as we do with our exercise plans and intimate health care.


This month, for each pelvic floor exercise plan you buy at Bwom, we will donate 50% of the income. This will improve your quality of life, and that of many women

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Non-reconstruction of the chest is also an option. Anna Bonny is a project with history. Her founder suffered the battle of breast cancer in her own body and decided not to rebuild her breast. With Anna Bonny we share the idea of ​​each woman must decide for herself, freely – without pressure -, from the information and knowledge of each of the alternatives. And for that reason we want to give our support also by spreading this.

Anna Bonny brings us a vision free of social pressure : beauty does not have to be symmetrical. But also realistic : the scars persist in the mirror and occupy a disturbing place in which one looks for a new way to feel woman and feel confidence in the body again. Anna Bonny’s proposal is the patch for mastectomy.

A patch because it does not deny the damage or pretend the absence of chest. It is a unique patch because it celebrates the experience and promotes the self-acceptance and reinvention of the same to return to feel sexy. Made with English silk, organic cotton and Mokuba ribbons recognized in haute couture, this patch wants to give a new value to the safety of the body. You can see their designs here , from basics to haute couture customisations and even a free pattern to make your own monokini. This patch is what gives name to the brand Anna Bonny, a legendary brave and beautiful pirate who lived her life on her own terms.