Strong and toned abdomen: health or aesthetics

If you have done the pelvic health test of Bwom, you will have seen that one of our questions is : Your abdomen is flaccid? . The reason why we ask this is because the abdominal muscles are directly related to the pelvic floor. Having a strong and toned abdomen reduces the risk of problems such as loss of urine or organ prolapse . Discover how the abdominal muscles affect pelvic problems and why having a strong abdomen is much more than an aesthetic issue .


In the pelvic area all the parts are related to each other. When our abdomen is strong and toned, we are preventing risk factors of the pelvic area. Why?

  1. The pelvic floor is the musculature that supports the pelvic organs. However, since everything is connected in the pelvic cavity, the fact of having a strong abdominal musculature helps the organs stay in place and thus does not have to “work” only the pelvic floor. If our abdomen is not strong enough, the pelvic floor will receive an excess of pressure constantly, so over time can weaken and organs can go down (prolapse of uterus or bladder).
  2. A strong abdominal girdle favors good posture, which is one of the risk factors for pelvic floor problems. You know why? When the torso is bent forward, the pelvic floor suffers pressure from the whole trunk and damages it over time.

Therefore, having a strong and toned abdomen reduces the risk of our pelvic floor weakening and our organs going down, which are problems that give rise to symptoms such as loss of urine , pain in sexual intercourse or constipation .

That is why in the Bwom exercise plans we include hypopressive exercises , which tones the abdominal transverse muscles, improve posture and also help activate the pelvic floor fibers by their reflex activity.


In fact, one of our plans is totally geared towards this goal of pelvic health: firm belly .

And attention! We say firm , and not flat . Did you know that, because of the physiognomy of a woman’s body, the abdomen tends to be slightly bulging and not flat? Obviously, each body is unique, but it is an idea that tells us how far apart the current beauty canons of the real and healthy body are.

Having a strong and toned abdomen, it is also beneficial to have good postural health and prevent back pain, contractures or associated migraines.

Another especially sensitive moment for the abdominal area is postpartum , because if we do not recover the tone of the abdomen we can damage our pelvic health, especially in cases of  abdominal diastasis .


It is no secret that in addition to preventing and avoiding health problems, most women want to have a beautiful and toned abdomen for aesthetic reasons. To see and feel good. We do not believe that this is a bad thing: taking care of yourself and taking the time to feel good about yourself is important, and also contributes to your emotional well-being and quality of life.

However, we want to make a reflection for all women about aesthetic concern rather than health. Since we started Bwom, we keep an open email so that all women can write us to explain their pelvic health and intimate health questions. Many of these messages (currently between 30-40% of messages) are questions similar to How can I lower my belly? .

To answer all the messages that come to us in a more personalized way, we look at the profile of the user, with the answers of her pelvic floor test (always in a completely confidential way) to be able to guide her. The surprising thing is that most women who ask us about how to lower their bellies or how to lose weight, have problems such as loss of urine, feeling of weight in the vagina (which indicates organ prolapse), pain in sexual intercourse or constipation. And yet, his main concern is how to lose weight.

Our reflection is that taking care of your body is important for your health and to feel good about yourself, but it is important not to obsess or do it because of social pressure, and to know that there are many other ways to take care of your body beyond keeping the line, which They will contribute to your well-being and your self-esteem, such as having more control over your body, improving the quality of your sexual relations and enjoying a good state of health in general.