Why Kegel exercises improve your sex life

Most women know that they are Kegel exercises . But did you know that they are much more than exercises for the prevention and control of urine leaks? It is true! In the mid-1890s, Dr. Arnold Kegel developed a type of exercise to help women who were experiencing urinary incontinence . Many women who tried these exercises, in addition to having better control over their bladders, also experienced an improvement in sex .

Kegel exercises are known for their benefits in the preparation and recovery of labor, to improve feelings in sexual relations and enhance orgasms, even to improve constipation . The best: it is not necessary to go to the gym!

Before delving into the main benefits of Kegel exercises in regard to your sex life, let’s see how Kegel exercises on the pelvic floor .


  1. The Kegels improve the ability to have orgasms

The orgasms are unpredictable. Even when you have really good sex, reaching orgasm can be difficult. In fact, only 25% of women report that they always reach climax during intercourse.


Although very few women can achieve orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone, they can increase their chances of having it strengthen the pelvic floor. Kegel exercises tone the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, which is one of the muscles that we contract during orgasm. And although the orgasmic contractions are involuntary, the more toned you are, the easier it will be for your body to use it in orgasm. Also, since the contraction capacity is greater, orgasms can also be more intense. Sounds good? 

2. Kegel exercises improve blood circulation to your vagina

Doing Kegel exercises helps tone and strengthen the vaginal muscles, and therefore increases the amount of blood flow in the vagina. This is a key element in the excitement: the blood flow in your vagina increases when you do Kegel exercises, which makes the blood reach the clitoris more quickly and your whole genital area is more sensitive. This results in faster excitement and can increase your interest in sex. Even  your natural lubrication!

Kegel exercises can help you improve your sexual relationships. Artistic GIF created by EYEBODEGA & LAZYMOM

Kegel exercises can help you improve your sexual relationships. Artistic GIF created by EYEBODEGA & LAZYMOM

3. The Kegel also help you relax your intimate muscles

If you have pain or discomfort during intercourse, the cause may be hypertonia (excess tension) in your pelvic floor muscles and vagina. For this, there are also inverse Kegel exercises , which can help you learn to relax your intimate muscles to facilitate penetration and feel more pleasure in your relationships.

4. More pleasure also for them

Oh, and let’s not forget the pleasure in them! Kegel exercises can help your partner also have a better sexual experience  by feeling the vagina stronger and more flexible. You can even make Kegels during intercourse! – Some men have reported that they can achieve orgasm only with the vaginal contracting of their partner.-

And Kegels for men? Yes too! Men can increase their erection time by doing Kegel exercises. It’s worth trying, right?

5. Kegel exercises increase your sexual confidence

For all these reasons, Kegel exercises are drivers of your sexual confidence. Having more control over your body and your sex life can increase your confidence and self-esteem .

In addition, if you increase the quantity and quality of your sexual relations, you will increase your levels of oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine, chemical substances that your body releases when having sex and that provoke a feeling of satisfaction, well-being and tranquility.