Bladder Outlet Obstruction

Bladder Outlet Obstruction

Bladder outlet obstruction

Bladder outlet obstruction – Elite Treatment in Europe


Bladder outlet obstruction – blockage of the urinary tract podpuzyrnaya is the emergence of obstacles to the free outflow of urine at the bladder neck or urethra. If you have difficulty following the flow of urine the bladder in the early stages there is a compensatory thickening of the muscles of expelling urine and urine moves along the lower urinary tract by increased pressure. Next, compensatory potential of the muscles are depleted and there is hypotension (decrease in tone) of the bladder, and then atony. In the absence of muscle tone of the bladder, the bladder is stretched, and can grow to large sizes. If the obstruction of urine outflow significantly, decompensation may occur in the first 2-3 years of age. Extends not only to the bladder, urine is under pressure from the expansion of the ureters and pelvis of kidney calyx. And the buds themselves are gidronefroticheskoy transformation. Without treatment, renal function gradually decreases. At older ages, the slow course of the process, the main complication is pyelonephritis .

To bladder outlet obstruction using various developmental abnormalities, but the most common:

  • Congenital contracture of the bladder neck
  • hypertrophy of the seminal vesicle
  • Congenital valves of posterior urethral
  • congenital obliteration of the urethra
  • congenital narrowing of the canal mocheisposkatelnogo
  • doubling of the urethra.

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Congenital contracture of the bladder neck
Hypertrophy of seminal vesicle
Congenital urethral valves
Congenital obliteration of the urethra
Congenital narrowing of the urethra
The doubling of the urethra

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