Diagnosis of Diseases of The Spine

Diagnosis of Diseases of The Spine


Diagnostic methods used to detect diseases of the spine

Vertebrology – 2008

Among the diagnostic methods used to detect diseases of the spine can be answered as follows.

Neurological examination

Surely each of you ever banged a hammer on the knee or wrist, thus checking reflexes. This method allows us to localize the level of the spinal cord as a reflex is responsible for every one or another segment of the spinal cord. Besides checking reflexes and checked and skin sensitivity. To do this, the doctor spends on the skin with a special needle.

X-ray diagnostic techniques

X-ray methods – is the most commonly used in practice methods of studying the state of the spine. However, they differ on how to conduct. Among them are the simple X-rays and contrast methods of diagnosis, which employ either air or special drugs, which allow for X-ray more clearly identify the pathology.

Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging

These advanced methods are increasingly becoming the standard in the study of spinal cord, and not only them. These methods are much more informative than a simple X-ray or contrast study. They allow you to get the layering and a very accurate picture.

Electromyography, elektroneyrografiya

These methods allow to assess the condition of the peripheral nerves.


USDG – a method of Doppler ultrasound. This ultrasonic method to evaluate the status of blood flow in the vessels of the brain and spinal cord.

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Neurological examination
X-ray of the spine
Lumbar puncture